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Seal Coating/Crack Sealing

Seal coating and crack sealing is necessary to prolong the life of your asphalt. After applying a sealer to your asphalt, it not only beautifies your property, but it also protects your asphalt from damaging UV rays and water.

To understand how sealer protects, you first must know what it is protecting. The easiest way to explain this is that asphalt is made up of three components: rock, sand, and oil. Oil is the component that holds the rock and sand together. If the oil gets washed away by the rain, snow, or sprinklers, or becomes dried out by the sun, then your asphalt becomes just rock and sand. Sealer simply protects the oil from the outside elements. It does not add any oil to the asphalt; it just protects what is there.

Crack sealing is different than seal coating, but just as important. Seal coats protect the top of the asphalt, and crack seals protect the underside of the asphalt from water destroying the sub-base. Crack sealing is the process in which all cracks, .25″ or larger, are cleaned and filled with a rubberized epoxy. Just as sealing doesn’t repair the asphalt, neither does crack sealing. It just protects what is there.

Advanced Asphalt Paving & Concrete recommends seal coating and crack sealing within a year of the installation of your new asphalt, then every two to three years after as needed.

Our estimating team will meet with you at your property and evaluate the condition of your seal coat/crack seal area. After our evaluation, we will provide you with a proposal of work that will make your asphalt surfaces safe and structurally sound at a very competitive price. Contact us today for your free estimate.